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Home Away From Home© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan | Anupam Arunachalam

Portraits of Indians in Germany
Home Away From Home

Indian presence can be felt throughout Germany — be it the tantalizing scent of Indian cuisine permeating the air or the sight of Indian students making their way to universities. But what draws Indians to Germany, and what keeps them there? In this dossier, we explore personal stories and experiences of Indians living in Germany, including navigating cultural differences and finding success in their careers, revealing the unique challenges and rewards of living as an Indian in Germany.

Neelay Mehendale

Neelay Mehendale © Neelay Mehendale

“Berlin is an international city brimming with life, buzzing with energy. A true melting pot…”

Age: 31 years
Origin: Pune, India
Location in Germany: Berlin
Profession: Postdoc Student in Chemical Biology, Berlin

Neelay, a Pune native, visited major European cities while scouting for postdoc research openings.  When he arrived in Berlin, he was immediately in thrall of the city for its international atmosphere, Willkommenskultur, vibrant social life, and well-funded scientific research environment.

Neelay's Life in Germany

Kashmira Wagh

Kashmira Wagh © Kashmira Wagh

“I love my life here and the independence the city offers me."

Age: 37 years
Origin: Pune, India
Location in Germany: Hamburg
Profession: Business Development, AI-Powered Creative with Google

Kashmira is a Pune native who has been living in Germany for over a decade. From studying German in high school to working for Google, Kashmira's story exemplifies a harmonious blend of her Indian roots and adopted country. Hear first-hand about her life in Hamburg, including the challenges she faced, her most shocking moments, and her travel tips.

Kashmira's Life in Germany

Shanmukha Siddaramu

Shanmukha Mangadahalli Siddaramu © Shanmukha Mangadahalli Siddaramu

“I love that German cities are never too far from a hiking trail.”

Age: 29 years
Origin: Bengaluru, India
Location in Germany: Karlsruhe
Profession: Research Assistant at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Shanmukha is a Kanakpura, Bengaluru native who moved to Jena, Germany for his higher studies. A hiking enthusiast, his longing for home persuaded him to explore the captivating wilderness of Germany. He shares how being in nature helped him find a community and cured his homesickness all the while pursuing a tech career in a foreign land.

Shanmukha's Life in Germany

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