Events and Competitions

Events and Competitions © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Activating pupils is one of the most important – and sometimes most difficult – challenge any teacher faces. The Goethe-Institut India has therefore put together a series of cultural events and competitions for German learners and German teachers so that German can be learned and taught in a fun way. 

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Are you a German teacher with great enthusiasm for the German language and do you have high professional standards? Your profession is your vocation and you are passionately committed to your teaching, so that your students enjoy learning German successfully?
Then "Indiens beste/r Deutschlehrer/in 2020" is the right place for you!
Take a look and discover how you can win many prizes by presenting your skills creatively and convincingly.

Binge Fever ©Anjani Miglani / Goethe Institut

„BINGE FEVER“ in class

Streaming services are getting very popular in Germany and series such as  "Charite", "Deutschland 83" and "You are wanted" are driving up viewer numbers. 
The Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan would like to encourage you all to watch these series on Netflix or Amazon Prime. 
Through this initiative, participants can not only improve their German language skills, but also gain an insight into different aspects of life in Germany of the past and present.



​Sustainopreneurship combines the concepts of entrepreneurship and sustainability. The central question is how can we live and operate sustainably in the future and bring about change in processes. During the workshop week, school children will deal with key topics of Sustainopreneurship: Identity development, sustainable travel, cooking and being an entrepreneur.

EDL ©Council of Europe


The European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26 September.
To mark this day Goethe-Institut / New Delhi in collaboration with  Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan is organising Inter-school German, French and Spanish Language Festival- NAMASTE EUROPE 2020 for students of different schools.



What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Diversity”? Pluralism or conflicts, togetherness or to adhere to the “cultures” created by the society.
Express your creative ideas through a picture, a sketch, a song, dance or music piece or also through a poem.

IDO 2020 © Goethe-Institut

Nationale Deutscholympiade in India

The first digital National Olympiad was conducted in April by InDaF (The Indo German Teachers Association) in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

Unlock your creativity © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Locdown-Unlock your creativity

Currently, everything is a little bit different. You are not going to school. Use
your talent and your creativity to have fun and show others what you are good at!
Use your skills to show us what is happening in your life and around the world! Send us photos, drawings, pictures, texts, crafts, self-made memes and other creative ideas and win great prices! Feel free to work in teams of two and send us your project together.

Webbased MINT-Game "Blue Brain Club" ( Hertie Foundation)

The Goethe-Institut New Delhi invites schools from South Asia to the web-based STEM(subjects) game "Blue Brain Club". The game is all about ‘the brain‘‘.  And there are youth camp scholarships to be won.
The brain is a fascinating organ and at the same time incredibly complex. Children and young people want to know how this structure works in our head and how it controls our behavior: How do feelings come about? How do we make decisions?
What happens if the brain doesn't work as usual?

Ich habe einen Traum 2020

The Federal Foreign is looking for children and adolescents who are enthusiastic about writing and want to have some of their own work published: With the motto „Ich habe einen Traum — I Have a Dream“, We are calling on young authors all over the world to share their dreams, hopes, and wishes about the future..

Fridays for future © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Fridays for future

Do you think poverty, hunger, and climate change are challenges the society? Do you want to contribute towards a sustainable world?
The German learners from various schools in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Dhaka, Karachi, Lahore, Lucknow, Islamabad, Pune, Mumbai, Peshawar, Jaipur und Kathmandu could relate to the above mentioned questions and hence are exchanging and working on their ideas on the topic of Sustainability. 

Memes für den Deutschunterricht © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Memes for my German class 2020

As we know, change is a way towards growth, so why not apply that in our German classes. There are lot of new methods, formats and different kinds of text which can make learning more interesting.‘Memes’ is one of the text types which is very popular these days.   
A few weeks ago, we organized a Webinar on “Memes” and there was an overwhelming response from all the teachers across India. This has encouraged us to organise a competition for our teachers.

GSL 2019 © Goethe-Institut / Sanyam

Goethe Super League 2019

Under the motto Motivation for German, the Goethe-Institut New Delhi organized the Goethe Super League (GSL) from 15.10. to 19.10.2019 in a precedence set by the football tournament in Tamil Nadu in Delhi NCR. The football tournament was officially opened on 15. 10.2019 in the PASCH School Springdales School in Delhi. The highlight was the exciting final round on 19.10.2019 as a part of the grand annual German school festival "Namaste Deutschland" at a non PASCH school DPS Gurgaon.

Conferences and Delegation Visits

Schulpartnerschaften und Jugendbegegnungen zu MINT und Digitalitem in Südasien und Deutschland ©Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

School partnerships and youth exchange on STEM and the digital education in South Asia and Germany

Promoting and Implementing Digital STEM Education is an important topic in Germany and in PASCH schools abroad. PASCH promotes education in German language by laying the foundation for future and supporting the students in their path to study, have a career in Germany.


PASCH-School Principals Conference

From 22.01.2021 to 24.01.2021 the first virtual conference for School Principals of Northern South Asia will take place.
During the three-day conference, the PASCH initiative and its goals will be examined in more detail and the resulting perspectives for students in South Asia will be explored together with the school principals, also with regard to new relevant changes in the education sector in Germany and South Asia.

Exhibitions/Music Concerts/ Theaters

UMDENKEN -  Learning from Nature ©kwasny221 – Fotolia

Rethinking - learning from nature

Water, fire, earth and air: Without them, there is no life. Human kind knows this, and uses the elements. After the balance between use and damage to nature has been lost in many places now, a time of rethinking has begun.

Raggabund © Raggabund


The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan soon represents the German band RAGGABUND ( in South Asian countries such just Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and in various cities in India from 12th October to 17th November 2017.

Bilder zur Ausstellung „Erfinderland Deutschland  - Baukasten Forschung“ © jim /

Land of Inventors

Pivotal German inventions from the natural sciences: Games, films, and an exhibition on historic discoveries and leading-edge innovations.


Youth camps: learning together, from each other Photo: Goetrhe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Youth camps

Every year the Goethe-Institut organises international youth camps in India and sometimes also in Sri Lanka or Nepal, for school students learning German.