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German Digital JuniorUni

The German Digital JuniorUni is a free online learning platform for young people. It empowers students to find answers to the most exciting questions from the fields of robotics, space, energy, sustainability, nature, and technology—all while learning the German language.

Registration on the platform

At Home

Students can work on the platform at home. The online platform is offered at no cost and is freely accessible for all.

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Online Platform

All of the lectures can be accessed at any time and free of charge via our learning platform.

Parental Access

To track your child's progress, create a parent account.

At School

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Content and Language Integrated Learning = CLIL. Here you will learn all about the didactic concept of the JuniorUni and one of the leading methods of modern foreign language learning. 

Teacher Access

To download teaching materials and track your students' progress, create a teacher account.

Didactic Materials

The JuniorUni can be used in the classroom! We have developed CLIL modules for German teachers to use in the classroom. These modules are available in German in the teacher version of the JuniorUni. Create an account!

Events and Competitions

As part of JuniorUni, we offer various programmes for students and teachers. Workshops, competitions, science shows, camps and much more.

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Creative Video Making Competition
What's in my space bag?

Imagine you were travelling into space. What would you pack in your suitcase? We invited students from classes 9-12 from your school to participate in a creative Video making competition. These are the winners. 

Science Competition

Are you interested in the magical world of science? Are you interested in topics such as sustainability, robotics or space travel and would like to take part in an exciting competition? Then the Junior University Science Slam is just right for you.

JuniorUni - Camp

For German lerarners from all over South Asia, we offer a regional youth camp in Sri Lanka. The JuniorUni topics are explored in a playful and interactive way with a real scientist from Germany.

Details will follow soon
Regional Science-Tour

A German scientist will travel through South Asia in October to offer exciting science shows and workshops for students at schools.


Head of Educational Services
Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

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Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

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Deutsche Kinderuni © Goethe-Insitut

Digital Kinderuni

The German Digital Children's University is a free educational project of the Goethe-Institut for children aged 8 to 12. The online platform offers the opportunity to learn about different areas of knowledge and to introduce children to the German language in a playful way.