Partners and Sponsors

Goethe-Institut Partners and Sponsors Photo: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca

The Max Mueller Bhavan / Goethe-Institut in India works on the basis of cooperating partnerships. We connect with actors from cultural life (institutions, organisations, companies, persons) in and from India, Germany and other countries for single projects as well as for long-lasting partnerships. Often, several partners come together for one project.

From the outset, we attach particular importance to the joint development of ideas and dialogue. The best results are achieved by events and projects when they are planned together and carried out in a partnership-based division of work from the original idea to discussions of various formats and forms of events, the selection of artists, ensembles and speakers, to financing, processes and organisation. In this respect, we ask all those interested in cooperation to communicate with us as early as possible so that mutual interests, contributions to content and internal processes can be taken into account. Unfortunately, we cannot make financial contributions to projects that were planned without our participation.

Topics that interest us:

  • Cultures of sustainability / cultures of transformation
  • Cultures of justice
  • Diversity of the contemporary
  • Dialogue with civil society
  • What can the arts achieve?
  • Digitalism and social transformation

Criteria that guide us:

  • The Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan is not a commercial organiser or a sponsor (on the contrary, we are seeking sponsors!). We want to enable projects that could not take place without us.
  • For collaborative projects, each partner should be able to maintain their identity in relation to the public, guests and the audience and be able to communicate visibly in the appropriate form (from the logo to joint public relations).
  • Our institutes in India are located in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. We seek to cooperate with partners throughout India, not just in the big cities.
  • For us, the focus is not just on the topics, the information and the content, but on vibrant, lasting connections. We bring people together and contribute to the formation of international networks.
Would you like to cooperate with us? Do you have a project or an idea that might bring us together? If so, we look forward to your suggestions and to hearing from you.