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Lawai BemBem
Five Million Incidents

About the Actant

Lawai BemBem © Lawai BemBem © Lawai BemBem BemBem is an artist, translator, and writer. She works with several media and performance disciplines, hoping to find completely unexpected encounters that can shift and deepen her practice.

Yaang-Huuk-Uun: K(C)onfabulations © Lawai Bembem © Lawai Bembem Yaang-Huuk-Uun: K(C)onfabulations uses the Meetei Mayek alphabet-to-body writing system to investigate body languages and movements that get lost in social, cultural and political assimilation. Meetei Mayek is the indigenous script of the Meetei people of the south eastern Himalayan state of Manipur. Working with the city of Delhi and a cross-section of Manipur people living in in the city, BemBem will create an augmented performance game where audience players work with time, their limbs and the patch of land on which they stand to bear witness to indigenous bodies assimilating or resisting assimilation. Can an augmented alphabet game create a space for one to move across time and witness what it means to lose?