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M R Vishnuprasad
Five Million Incidents


About the Actant

M R Vishnuprasad © M R Vishnuprasad © M R Vishnuprasad M R Vishnuprasad is a poet and performance art researcher currently based in New Delhi, India. The identity that truly defines Vishnuprasad’s being is that of a ‘poet’; because poetry gives expression to his existence. For the past twenty years he has been writing poetry in Malayalam, a South Indian Dravidian language, and is credited with two anthologies. Vishnuprasad’s intervention in art is a tripartite synthesis of poetry, ecology and performance art. Political objects and phenomenal spirits equally become the subject of his work and he draws ideas from the linguistic and semiotic networks of surrounding ecosystems. Since 2015, his text works and poetry performances have been shown in galleries, including: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, 2019; KHOJ International Artists' Association, New Delhi, India, 2018; BC Gallery, Cochin, India, 2017 and the Italian Cultural Centre, New Delhi, 2016. 

anicca-Network © M R Vishnuprasad © M R Vishnuprasad The anicca-Network is an act of theory fiction. Its operations will centre mainly on a web portal. The main objective is to inquire into the epistemology and history of the Buddhist concept of anicca. According to Gautama Buddha, ‘anicca’ is the doctrine of impermanence which is a break away from the traditional understanding of the primacy of ‘permanence of body, self, events, and objects or any other material flows or moments of life.' Along with an epistemological inquiry into anicca, this project also envisages influencing a virtual community that discusses art, literature and philosophy, and to bring their work within the ambit of this network. As part of the project, pocket hand books, short films, poems, art works etc. will be generated alongside.