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Chain Unchained© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan / Nikhil Kaul

Chain Unchained

Chain Unchained is an initiative that brings together practitioners and experts from India and Germany from the arts and creative and technological industries. The project intends to take a closer look at the issues surrounding web3 and NFTs in order to better understand the opportunities, possibilities and risks involved.

Launch of NFTs: A Showcase

Projects: NFTS & Cultural Heritage

dhā © The Indian Percussions Project

dhā: The Indian Percussions Project

Unveil the resonating legacy of Indian percussion through dhā: The Indian Percussions Project, a digital ode to the rhythmic vibrancy of India's cultural heritage and contemporary artistry.

The Double Delight © Priyankush Ghosh, Ishani de


Discover NFTs minted on Kolkata's rich history and futuristic spirit, where echoes of the past blend seamlessly with the first underwater metro threading the city's dynamic evolution.

Alaap © Girija Hariharan, Gurupriya Atreya, Madhav Achint


Expore the mesmerizing world of Hindustani music through "Alaap," an immersive generative video experience capturing the essence of the Raag. Explore the NFTs minted on this captivating theme.

Consequences Artwork © Consequences


Dive into the intriguing dynamics of 'permanence' and 'change' in heritage with project 'Consequences.' Discover the minted NFTs offering new perspectives on the evolution of cultural heritage and join the dialogue on crafting alternative futures for the craft.

Ara Chronicles © Varsha Panikar

Ara Chronicles

Explore the captivating world of Ara Chronicles and its NFT collectibles, a fusion of blockchain technology and cultural heritage celebrating diversity and Indian folklore.

 Purani Kahawatein © Ojasvi Gupta, Nikita Arora, Saksham Gupta, Jyotish K Thekkedath

Purani Kahawatein

Discover the enchanting world of old and endangered dialects through the captivating NFTs and artefacts of the Purani Kahawatein project, connecting the past with the present.

Block Printing Pattern © Aditya T .Kanade

Reimagining Block Printing Patterns of the Indus Valley

Discover the allure of the ancient Indus Valley civilization as NFTs minted on this theme blend traditional block printing with innovative technology, preserving heritage and paving the way for a digital renaissance.

The Turban Archive © The Turban Archive

The Turban Archive

Discover the fascinating world of Rajasthan's turbans through NFTs minted for cultural preservation and accessibility, utilizing blockchain technology and community involvement for a model of digital heritage conservation.


Exploring creativity through NFTs © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan


Through Chain Unchained: Mintathon, artists, creators and practitioners across diverse fields came together and critically examined NFTs and their relevance to culture. This four-week hybrid experience across Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata critically delved into the challenges and opportunities posed by NFTs, particularly in the context of cultural heritage.

Glimpse of the launch event

Future with NFTs, Web3, and Blockchain

NFTs & Community Building: Strategies for Fostering Connection and Engagement © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

NFTs and Community Building - Strategies for Fostering Connection and Engagement

In the discussion we delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by blockchain-based technologies and NFTs for creatives from different fields. The session explores the importance of communities in knowledge sharing, while also exploring existing communities that facilitate collaborations between creatives working with NFTs. With Varun Desai (Tezos India Art And Culture, Kolkata), Payal Arya (artist, Delhi), and Ninaad Kothawade (NFT Asia, Pune), along with moderator Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi (curator, Delhi). 

Understanding the legal and access challenges around NFTs and creative practices © Goethe-Institut

Understanding the legal and access challenges around NFTs and creative practices

The session delved into the legal framework of NFTs and explored their potential to enhance accessibility in previously uncharted areas. While new technologies bring opportunities, they also raise questions about ownership, legality, and the need for inclusiveness. This discussion dissected these complexities, providing insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with NFTs.

For those who don’t know, what are NFTs? © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

What are NFTs?

Find out what NFTs are, what's the enigma surrounding digital assets revolutionising the art and collectables market.

Are there barriers or challenges to getting started with NFTs? © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

Challenges to getting started with NFTs

Explore the challenges and barriers that individuals new to NFTs may encounter.

What is the potential of NFTs and blockchain for the arts and culture industries? © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

Potentials of NFTs for arts and culture

Discover how NFTs could revolutionise the way artists showcase and distribute their work.

How could these technologies impact the future? © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

How will NFTs impact the future?

How might NFTs and blockchain technology  impact the arts and culture industries?

About the Project

Artists and cultural practitioners have always adopted new technologies to further their own practices and add new dimensions to the general socio-political cultural discourse. One of the newest technologies which have made their mark on the cultural sector are - Blockchain and NFTs. Like their predecessors, these technologies need to assess differences in the cultural field in terms of their significance and adaptability. On the one hand, renowned galleries are opening branches on platforms such as Decentraland and exhibiting crypto artists. NFTs are present in major exhibitions, renowned museums are starting to build their NFT collections. Practitioners in the fashion and gaming industry are inventing new distribution models for their artworks based on smart contracts. Artist collectives are defining models of revenue sharing via blockchain and developing new forms of creative collaboration.

On the other hand, spectacular records for NFTs at auctions at Sothebys and turnover records on NFT platforms such as OpenSea and NiftyGateway were raising the question if crypto art is, in the best case, a speculative hype that will soon dissipate; or worse, an expression of extreme capitalism that took over the art world. Promising future or temporary hype, this question seems undecided at the moment. However, what is clear is that NFTs have found their space in culture and it is important to understand the nuances of the technology to in order to maximise its potential.

In workshops, expert talks, network meetings and co-creation formats organised in different cities in India - we invite practitioners from several fields to critically examine the phenomenon of crypto and NFTs and their relevance for culture and creative industries. What challenges and opportunities does this format offer? In what way are web3 applications changing aesthetical practices, ways of collaborating and distribution models? Who has the resources and knowledge to access these formats, and who is yet excluded?

Chain Unchained addresses the myths around web3 and NFTs for a clearer view on the risks and opportunities that come with it.



Be Fantastic © Be Fantastic

Colors of India © Colors of India

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