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Nikita Teresa Sarkar
Five Million Incidents

Registrations Open: Body-a-Fair Online Workshop

About the Actant

Nikita Teresa Sarkar © Nikita Teresa Sarkar © Nikita Teresa Sarkar A graduate of Theatre Design and Direction from the National School of Drama, Nikita likes to work with various disciplines focusing on gender and sustainability. She is extremely passionate about issues related to gender politics, identity constructs, privilege awareness and mindfulness and works around these themes as well. The power of immersive experiences has influenced her work and looks at her audience as active participants, rather than passive spectators. She is a student of the Baul tradition and Tibetan Chanting and through the aesthetics of these traditional art forms, explores the meaning of modernity in art and dynamics of the audience-performer relationship. Her work is mostly site-specific and tries to include the lesser known narratives of a place. When she is not curating experiences, she spends her time in the mountains, working on zero plastic projects in schools and practicing sonic healing techniques.

Body-A-Fair © Nikita Teresa Sarkar © Nikita Teresa Sarkar Body-A-Fair aims to document the perception of the 'Body' in different professions related to it and explore conversations via the process of making wax candles. The actual presentation will be a candle making workshop where instructions will be designed via various interviews. Central to this discussion is the idea of 'beauty' - not the worldly definition of it but the individual idea. It is important to know the factors that shape our idea of 'beauty' to be able to acknowledge the varied perceptions of it. This workshop will try to explore these factors, through the fun activity of making candles.