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Saba Tarannum
Five Million Incidents

About the Actant

Saba Tarannum © Saba Tarannum © Saba Tarannum Saba is an Assamese Muslim woman living in Delhi for the last seven years. Saba completed her BFA in Painting and is currently pursuing an MFA in Art History from the Fine Arts Faculty of Jamia Millia Islamia. Her works currently explore the topic of her sexuality, her concept of it, her understanding and acceptance of it. Saba's exploration and observation of intimacy, as displayed by people of different identities, and her recent venture into journal making led her to my current project to better understand “intimacy”, “tactile-intimacy”, “perception”, and “vulnerability”.

Critiquing Memories, Critiquing You © Saba Tarannum © Saba Tarannum Critiquing Memories, Critiquing You explores the concepts of “tactile-intimacy”, “perception”, and “memory keeping”. This workshop invites participants to make/fill a journal, however they want, knowing whatever they leave behind will be touched, felt, and judged by people/viewers. Identities, whatever the perception maybe, are critiqued aggressively by onlookers and so, this is an invitation to leave a journal, a small autobiography, behind, for the same.