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Collective Narratives page© Goethe-Institut Kolkata & Bangladesh/Design:Sharanya Chattopadhyay

Collective Narratives

20 respondents from West Bengal in India and Bangladesh have narrated their memories they have inherited from their previous generations.

Interviews with English subtitles (short version)

Complete Interviews with English / Bengali transcriptions

Ashraful Haq Babu © Goethe-Institut

Ashraful Haq Babu

Syeda Farhana Reza © Goethe-Institut

Syeda Farhana Reza

Khaled Hussain © Goethe-Institut

Khaled Hussain

Susmita Hossain Natasha © Goethe-Institut

Susmita Hossain Natasha

Dolly Akter © Goethe-Institut

Dolly Akter

Md Khurshid Alam © Goethe-Institut

Md Khurshid Alam

M Haque © Goethe-Institut

M Haque

Mahajabin Khan © Goethe-Institut

Mahajabin Khan

Tunazzina Sharin © Goethe-Institut

Tunazzina Sharin

Shan Bhattacharya © Goethe-Institut

Shan Bhattacharya

Pintu Das © Goethe-Institut

Pintu Das

Rajlakhsmi © Goethe-Institut


Utpal Basak © Goethe-Institut

Utpal Basak

Saswati Roychoudhury © Goethe-Institut

Saswati Roychoudhury

Somnath Rudrapal © Goethe-Institut

Somnath Rudrapal

Anusree Biswas © Goethe-Institut

Anusree Biswas

Sanchita Bhattacharya © Goethe-Institut

Sanchita Bhattacharya

Sukanta Biswas © Goethe-Institut

Sukanta Biswas

Sraboni Ghosh © Goethe-Institut

Sraboni Ghosh

Kazi Zahanara Islam © Goethe-Institut

Kazi Zahanara Islam

Tracing Back

Down the Memory Lanes - Sanchita Bhattacharyya © Goethe-Institut

Down the Memory Lanes - Sanchita Bhattacharyya

In Search of the Root - Tunazzina Sharin © Goethe-Institut

In Search of the Root - Tunazzina Sharin