Online Workshop #nachhaltig #Mode #Einkaufen #Müll #Energie

Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit in Deutschland © picture alliance / Westend61 | Andrew Brookes

17.05.-20.05.2021 – 12.30-14.00 Hours; – 14.00-15.30 Hours


What is the significance of fashion consumption? How can you really save energy? What does regional shopping mean? Videos, online games, digital projects and exciting tasks on sustainable topics await you in our 4 online workshops. How can you live sustainably and ... is sustainability more than just environmental protection? We will explore this actively and creatively together!
Expert: Agnieszka Krajewska
Participants: PASCH-Students from 12 years onwards
Language Proficiency: A2+
4 Online-Workshops: 4 x90 Min.
Schedule: 17.05.-20.05.2021 – 12.30-14.00hrs – 14.00-15.30hrs
No. Of Participants: 20 each slot