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Journalisten-Juni© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

The Journalist-June

LiteraTour | Eine Reise durch die deutsche Literatur

Get to the point

When we think of literature, beautiful novels and poems immediately come to mind. Stories wrapped in beautiful sentences, garnished with the most beautiful words, with one goal: to touch the reader. But not always, when we write a text, it is about emotions and feelings. Sometimes we simply have to get straight to the point. That's what journalism is all about: summarizing a piece of information as directly and briefly as possible without showing any emotion. That has to be practiced. What sounds simple can actually be complicated. 

In June, our LiteraTour project is all about journalism. How do I write a journalistic text? How do I conduct interviews? How do I get to the heart of something? That's what we want to explore together with you. So: notebook in your pocket, microphone in your hand and off you go. Let's become journalists this month. 

das richtige Wort © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

The right word | Workshop

Für einen Journalisten ist Recherche das A und O. In diesem Workshop wollen wir gemeinsam herausfinden, wie wir das richtige Wort in einer Fremdsprache finden können.