FUßBALL TRIFFT BIBLIOTHEK ©Goethe-Institut Indonesia

Sat, 13.07.2019 -
Mon, 19.08.2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan @ Library

4 Rutland Gate 5th Street
600 006 Chennai

FIFA 2019 – an Online Football Gaming Tournament for Language Learners

Language students from Goethe-Institut Chennai along with other participating Goethe-Instituts in Bangkok, Bandung, Colombo, Dhaka, Jakarta, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune will play the video game FIFA 2019 at their respective institutes and compete online against each other for this championship. With the nomination of two players per language course - one principal and another standby, all language courses will get a chance to participate in this event which will be held in the library.

In July 2019, during the preliminary stage, contestants will compete against each other in internal knockout rounds and the winner will qualify to represent Goethe-Institut Chennai in the play-offs.

In August 2019, the online play-offs between the winners of the preliminary stage will determine the four best Goethe-Instituts who will compete in the grand finale. The overall winner can look forward to a language course scholarship at the Goethe-Institut, at which the registration took place while other winners will be awarded Goethe goodies.