Five Million Incidents | Installation 37 Sinkings

37 Sinkings © Sahil Ravindra Naik © Sahil Ravindra Naik

Wednesday, 20 November - Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Sahil Ravindra Naik

37 Sinkings acts as a call to observation, where a prototype kinetic sculpture is used as a measure for mechanical, recurring time.
In the sinking and re-surfacing of the village, is an exercise of viewing, anticipation, anxiety and fatigue. The act of return and momentary claim is constantly checked by the shifting surface; the landscape and pace changing a little each time. Time is challenged to work erratically, shifting by seconds in an attempt to reconcile with the changing climate, irregular rain patterns and duration of surfacing (the window of return is shrinking by the year).
In the act of observing/viewing is also the act of reconciliation; a coming to terms with. In the act of giving time, is also an acknowledgement of the momentary, fleeting claim to this temporariness.