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Amalie Gabel (DK)

Amalie Gabel © Poul Henningsen Danish artist Amalie Gabel, born in 1992, works with painting, installation and texts. The paintings, often applied to semi-transparent canvases, oscillate between abstraction and figuration. In many cases, fleetingly sketched human bodies or interiors are recognisable, which seem to be in motion in one form or another. The artist mounts the canvases on simple wooden stretcher bars and sometimes combines several pictures into three-dimensional installations. The viewers are invited to walk around, or between, the paintings and to look at the works from different perspectives. Again and again, Amalie Gabel aims to give the viewer a dynamic and active visual experience: In the semi-transparent works, we see not only the pictorial motifs, but also the wooden stretcher bars behind the canvases as well as the spaces behind the works. In the three-dimensional installations, we are prompted to look at the works while walking.

Amalie Gabel is also interested in interrelations between image and text and has created several artist’s books. During her three-month stay in Leipzig, she intends to work on a new book project. She is planning to write texts in Danish and English that draw on experiences she has had during extended stays in Germany and the UK. The texts will be complemented by a new series of square paintings in which the artist wishes to explore the following themes: “Windows into all the lives I haven’t lived, situations that never became doors.”
  • Amalie Gabel: Breath and Be Gone © Peder Gabel Madsen
Amalie Gabel studied painting at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg with Jutta Koether and Kerstin Brätsch. In 2021, she completed her Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been exhibited, among others, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen, Frise Künstlerhaus in Hamburg, Malmö Art Museum, Galerie Leger in Malmö and the pop-up art “à mon avis” in Copenhagen. In 2020, Amalie Gabel was awarded the Danish Embassy Art Prize in London, and in 2021 she received a scholarship for a residency at the Danish Institute in Rome. The artist lives and works in Humlebæk near Copenhagen.

Amalie Gabel