A Pit on the Mountain

  • A Pit on  the Mountain © Li Ning
  • A Pit on  the Mountain © Dani

For 90 days, seven performers and artists from Brazil, Germany and China will reside in the rural Stone Village, Ji’nan, China, which is undergoing top-down construction and transformation for Poverty Reduction. The artists will follow, react and investigate the transitioning landscape, commercialization and cultural tradition. In exploring, counteracting, emulating with their bodies in the open space in Stone Village, the performers become the villagers’ object of gaze, their laughs, ridicules and curiosity. The artists’ daily performances are affected by the ongoing changes in the village and are thereby deeply connected to the villagers’ everyday life. The residency will facilitate cultural exchange among the international artists, the rural villagers, and inspire performances that combine each other’s method to push the boundary of body, landscape, material and theatre to the extreme. After the residency, the artists will produce a performance for Beijing Fringe Festival based on the training in Stone Village.

Coproducers: Ning Li, Daniel Paiva de Miranda, Sanyuan Yan, Yucong Lu, Gabriela Cordovez da Costa Franco, Pedro Henrique Rezende Moreira

This project is part of round 9 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2020.