Teatteri Ejaculation

Ejaculation  Discussions about female sexuality Poster © Painting "Yellow room II" by Sirkku Rosi, Graphic design by Sophie Troppmair

24.-25.10.2018, klo 19

Kansallisteatteri, Willensauna

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Discussions about Female Sexuality

Is female ejaculation the last taboo?
The documentary performance Ejaculation asks the most crucial questions about sexuality and desires, based on interviews with women from various backgrounds and countries.
Through a personal journey of a woman in her thirties, the performance creates space for self-discovery and explores the collective experience of female sexuality in a modern world.
In English, the word “ejaculation” reflects two different meanings. There is its contemporary connection with sexual climax, but there is also its original association: a sudden verbal exclamation, an emotional outburst of words, the desire to be heard. Ejaculation combines both meanings in an honest dialogue and offers an opportunity to examine the full potential of the female sexual being.