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A human hand touches a robotic hand.© Eva Beck / Goethe-Institut

Art and Technology

Artificial intelligence, Quantum, blockchains and cryptocurrencies – everyone’s talking about digitisation, and yet some seminal new technologies are unknown to the general public. With a view to boosting digital literacy in civil society, we start up projects about technologies that have the potential to transform society. We bring cultural values and critical perspectives into the debate and point up sociocultural, humanist and ethical aspects that should inform the ways in which we use and shape these developments.

Current Programmes & Projects

Studio Quantum with blue and grey design © Eps51

International artist-in-residence programm
Studio Quantum

"Studio Quantum" is a new international artist-in-residence programme from the Goethe-Institut, exploring emerging quantum technologies through the lens of art. The residency and accompanying event series will examine important ethical and ecological questions around the impact of quantum technologies. 

Automated Scanning Technology for 3D Digitisation© Public domain

Interviews, articles and videos #Heritage_digitised

How can cultural heritage be preserved digitally? With #Heritage_digitised we delve into discourses surrounding the digitisation of art and cultural heritage to ask what does this imply for narratives around postcolonialism, sustainability, representation and diversity? 

DAOWO © Goethe-Institut | Studio Hyte


DAOWO: Decentralised Autonomous Organisation With Others - The global collaboration project examines the potential of blockchain technologies for the arts and civil society. By convening transnational networks of leading international arts and tech institutions and communities, we seek to seed a new decentralised ecology of open source cultural organisations, built by artists embedded in distributed global communities. An initiative of Furtherfield, Serpentine Galleries and the Goethe-Institut London.

Newsletter about current cultural events

All our events in the visual arts, film, literature, music, dance and theatre!

New Technologies in Our Lives

Our everyday lives are determined by technology – by the tools we use and which (often without our even noticing it) use us. We’ve put together a collection of articles that critically explore various aspects of new technologies.

Cartoon of a robot walking dogs © Goethe Institut London. Illustration: Carlos D'Agaro.

When AI takes a familiar form
Learning to live with robots

How are new technologies such as robotics impacting our educational and cultural experiences in the UK and beyond? And how does culture impact how we adopt new technologies into our everyday lives? 

The Role of Blockchain in the Arts - Ensembl (Hong Kong) - DAOWO © Goethe-Institut

#DAOWO Sessions - Artworld Prototypes
How to Prototype the Artworld with Blockchain

The theme of the DAOWO Sessions: Artworld Prototypes was remarkably relevant to the times we are living: a pandemic prompting us to work with each other differently, calls for a fairer society, art spaces looking for new strategies to remain relevant and the hysterical (or just baffled?) media interest for crypto art. The topic also inserts itself into a broader, much older context in which contemporary art follows market logics that don’t work for most artists.

Screenshot from the “Berlin: Black Swan DAO” Zoom online session, 28 January 2020 © Goethe-Institut

#DAOWO Sessions - Artworld Prototypes
Can Blockchain Democratise Arts Commissioning?

So far, blockchain systems have been mostly used in the world of finance or supply chain but they have so much more potential. An article about the Berlin contribution to the DAOWO Sessions - Artworld Prototypes: Black Swan DAO.