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German for Young People
Museum Quizzes for School Classes

Why not try German lessons in London's museums instead of the classroom! Every student who is learning German in school ideally learns as much as possible about the different aspects of German cultural heritage. But how can the broad spectrum of German culture be taught and understood best? Why not visit London's impressive museums with your students to explore different eras and areas of German cultural heritage?

It is well-known that art, design, engineering and science have a long tradition in Germany. A lesser-known fact is that London’s famous Victoria & Albert Museum and the Science Museum London display a large number of exhibits on German art, technology and science.

Victoria & Albert Museum London
Science Museum London

The exhibits in the two museums show German art, design, and technical and scientific achievements from the middle ages to the present day, and offer German learners an excellent way to get a taste of the diversity of German cultural heritage in the UK.

To help German learners on their exploration of German cultural heritage, the Goethe-Institut London has developed two quizzes for a one hour visit at the V&A and the Science Museum, which can be used by groups of students. The language and content of the tasks is simple and allows German learners to expand their factual knowledge as well as their understanding of German cultural heritage.

Additionally, we have developed an informative quiz for the Natural History Museum, which is constituted in German.

The quizzes can be downloaded for free:


Natural History Museum quiz without English translations (PDF, 370 kB)

Natural History Museum quiz with English translations (PDF, 373 kB)

Natural History Museum quiz with solutions (PDF, 387 kB)

Please note: Since displays and exhibits can be changed from time to time we recommend for teachers to try the quiz themselves before visiting with a school class or at least phone up the museum to check if any areas are being redeveloped at the time of the visit. We recommend to print the worksheets in colour.