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Schools' Network
The Smart Choice: German

A core focus of the Goethe-Institut is to support school leaders and teachers in helping learners of German to achieve their aims, whether this is introducing German to the curriculum for the first time, increasing the number of learners studying German at GCSE and A-Level, or helping school leaders to re-introduce German into the curriculum. Take a look at our Smart Choice initiative, which shows why German is an excellent and valuable choice for young people wanting to enhance their work and life prospects.   

DVD Case @Goethe-Institut London

The Smart Choice: German at Primary Schools in the UK

A 10-minute film shows how easy it is to include German in the timetable. In addition we have an information brochure for school leaders available.

School pupils in classroom © Goethe-Institut London

The Smart Choice: German at Secondary Schools in the UK

Why should British students actually learn German, if English is "lingua franca" already? This video makes the case for learning German and includes a range of identifiable brands as well as prominent figures from the UK.

Schools of the network have already organised a range of activities to promote German at their school and you can find some examples of the events here. Hopefully they will give you impulses and ideas to use at your own school.

Photograph: Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig Photograph: Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig

Courses for Young Learners

Exam preparation courses for GCSE and A-Level from A2 level for young learners (14+)