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German with Karla und Kai

‘Deutsch mit Karla & Kai’ (K&K) is a scheme of work that follows on from the ‘Deutsch mit Felix & Franzi’ programme. It is intended for children who have finished two years of German at primary level, having had around 40 minutes of German per week. Teachers would ideally start in Year 5 working with the lesson plans for K&K Volume 1 and in Year 6 working with the lesson plans for K&K Volume 2.
The two volumes for ‘Deutsch mit Karla & Kai’ consist of six chapters each, which open with a video clip. The films introduce the new learning and teaching content in a playful way. The learners will already have a basic knowledge of German. They will therefore be able to access completely new structures and vocabulary in the context of the stories.

In the first two years at primary level, the lessons concentrated on learning pronunciation through songs and film clips, on basic vocabulary and structures delivered in games, and mainly through oral tuition.

During the third and fourth year of learning German, which you find in the following two booklet, the pupils will gradually be introduced to grammar concepts. Teachers will also be given more ideas for setting writing tasks. Worksheets for those can be found in the appendices. However, motivation, fun and intercultural learning stay at the heart of this scheme of work. As the pupils are now older, hand puppets are no longer used. Instead, two animated film characters – Karla, the cockroach, and Kai, the maybeetle - will accompany and support the children on their journey. Note: Film scenes of Volume 1 are set in the UK whereas the film scenes for Volume 2 play in Germany.

Each of the chapters introduce new vocabulary and grammar lessons and is followed by a suggestion for a cross-curricular project. The lesson plans as well as all other features can be downloaded free of charge.


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