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Kurz & Gut macht Schule II: animated Short Films

These films break the routine while teaching German. They show a reality show with jealous Hippos and lovelorn Rhinos in Kein Platz für Gerold and mysterious chests that throw humans off balance in Balance. You will fear for a male cat, while he puts his nine lives on the line for his love in Kater. The film Das Rad uses talking stones to take you through the history of mankind and Our wonderful Nature sheds light on the deadly courtship dance of the unbridled water shrews. The figures of speech ‘turn heads’ and ‘break hearts’ will be used in their literal meaning in Liebeskrank and the film Unser Mann im Nirwana will take the viewer on an exciting journey to Nirvana. You can meet coincidence personified as a shy young man in Annie & Boo and discover a curious way to change the world in Delivery. Finally the film URS will introduce you to a son, who is ready to walk to the end of the world for the most important woman in his life.

Teaching Resources
You can download teaching resources for all movies on the Kurz & Gut website of the Goethe-Institut. Alongside the well-prepared course- and teaching resources the website offers summaries and pictures: 

The DVD Kurz & Gut II can be borrowed from our library or our film archive. To request the DVD, please send an e-mail with your full postal address and the preferred screening date to teacher-services-london@goethe.de.


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