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Advertising Kits and Teaching Resources

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Do you need informative brochures for a parents’ night or printed material to help you expand your German language program? Would you like to decorate your classroom? Or motivate your students with small presents or bigger prizes for competitions or events?
Then look no further! The Goethe-Institut offers advertising kits for every occasion as well as teaching matieral. Kits vary between £10 and £50 and can be ordered for a fixed shipping & handling rate.

who can order our advertising kits?

Schools across the UK in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland can order our advertising kits. We do not ship to other countries. For teachers outside the UK, please contact your nearest Goethe-Institut to enquire after promotional items.

Our products have been made in cooperation with local and sustainable manufacturers.

Delivery time

Thank you for your patience while we process your order. Please note that this could take up to three weeks from placing an order to receiving your goods. 


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