Book Launch 52 Factory Lane by Selim Özdoğan

Selim Özdoğan (author), Bookcover, Katy Derbyshire & Ayça Türkoğlu (translators) © Lucie Ella, V&Q Books, Anja Pietsch, Ayça Türkoğlu

Tue, 05.04.2022

19:00 Uhr (GMT) - 20:30

Goethe-Institut London

Book Launch

‘You’ll live out your lives in a foreign country,’ Gül is warned. But the whole world is foreign when you’re far from your loved ones.

Join author Selim Özdoğan with his translators Ayça Türkoğlu and Katy Derbyshire for an evening of reading and conversation all about their newly published book, 52 Factory Lane.

Selim Özdoğan’s beautifully melancholy Anatolian Blues trilogy unfurls a woman’s whole life between Turkey and Germany. Gül moves to a new country and learns all kinds of longing: for her two daughters, for her father the blacksmith, for scents and colours and fruit. Yet imperceptibly, Factory Lane becomes a new kind of home.

What makes a place a home – and how can we write and translate it? How does a writer turn family anecdotes into a moving novel? Does the co-translation process make things easier or harder? Help us to celebrate the release of this very special book.

Participation is free for language students and library members of Goethe-Institut London, and for V&Q Books subscribers. Please book tickets via Eventbrite.

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Selim Özdoğan was born in Germany in 1971 and has been publishing his prose since 1995. He has won numerous prizes and grants and taught creative writing at the University of Michigan.

Ayça Türkoğlu is a writer and literary translator based in North London. Her translation interests include the literature of the Turkish diaspora in Germany and minority literatures in Turkey.

Katy Derbyshire translates contemporary German writers including Olga Grjasnowa, Clemens Meyer and Heike Geissler. She teaches literary translation and also heads the V&Q Books imprint.

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