Residency Artists in Residency 2017-2018:
Stephanie Müller & Klaus Erich Dietl

Stephanie Müller & Klaus Erich Dietl © Stephanie Müller & Klaus Erich Dietl

Fri, 01.09.2017

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

The Visual Arts programme at BE FESTIVAL explores a particular theme over two festival editions. In 2017–18, they invited artists to respond to the shifting attitudes toward physical and imaginary borders. Considering the increased tensions relating to freedom of movement in Europe’s borders, they’ve worked with artists pondering the ways in which cultural identities are contested.
An enormous number of people continue to risk travel to Europe, seeking refuge from war and persecution. Following the Brexit vote and the Trump presidency in the USA, nationalistic sentiments are rising – bringing internal conflicts over sovereignty to the fore. Inviting six artists to be involved in our visual arts programme across these two years, BE FESTIVAL looks forward to seeing those debates imaginatively re-framed within their work.
The European artists in residency for 2017–18, Stephanie Müller & Klaus Erich Dietl, will collaborate over a 12 month period to produce work especially for BE FESTIVAL. Stephanie is a visual artist and sociological researcher, with an interest in experiments and improvisation. Klaus is a visual artist with a background in literature and cinematography.

The Goethe-Institut London is delighted to see Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl, newcomers on the international stage, selected to join BE FESTIVAL as visual artists in residence.

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