Residency GOETHE/SPACE (in)transit 2018

Paul Wiersbinski © Paul Wiersbinski

Tue, 09.01.2018

Goethe-Institut London

We are excited to announce our next artist for the Goethe-Institute London and SPACE Residency Programme 2018 will be Paul Wiersbinski!

(in)transit will explore the role of surveillance technologies within a globalised network; investigating how these technologies are adapting conventional visualisation methods, and their potential for revealing latent narratives embedded within sites.

The programme will focus on exploring the potentials of these technologies to make tangible the seemingly unseen, considering their impact on contemporary cartographic methods and their ability to emancipate power systems.

Now in its fifth year, the collaboration between the Goethe-Institut London and SPACE supports artists and projects that explore the critical application of emerging technologies. The purpose of the Goethe-Institut’s worldwide residency programmes is to provide a space for new perspectives, wherein artists and cultural workers have the opportunity to live and work in another country and another culture for an extended period of time. Especially in the era of globalisation, cultural workers find it particularly inspiring, freed momentarily from economic concerns, to anchor their work to a specific location, where they can pursue their projects and develop or deepen lasting work relationships.

The focus is on process over product and the residency aims to provide space and time for fearless experimentation.

Paul wiersbinski

Paul Wiersbinski´s often constructs technical prototypes, which are tried out by the public and go through various phases of continuous development. For this commission, he will further develop an in-suite presentation at the location of the residency and use it as a set for a new video installation. It consists of an interactive scenario with 3D glasses and wireless surveillance cameras. These applications are used by the audience in order to enter a hybrid space, mixing haptic and virtual reality, adding a second layer to the public space. His work has been presented in screenings, lectures, and exhibitions at a.o. ZKM (Karlsruhe), Club Transmediale (Berlin), NURTUREart (New York City), Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and the MOCA Taiwan (Taipei).