Shreyans Iyer

About the Actant

Shreyans Iyer © Shreyans Iyer
© Shreyans Iyer
Shreyans Iyer is a Mumbai based conceptual artist and performer. His practice encompasses sound art, devised composition, improvisation, visual art, theatre, and the written word. As a maker, Shreyans looks to precipitate the innate creativity present in all beings, through the design and execution of happenings; unpacking the diverse responses offered with those involved. Shreyans holds an MMus in Leadership, from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, UK. In the past, Shreyans has shown work at Tate Exchange, at the Tate Modern in London, as part of a collective led by artists Nell Catchpole and Jan Hendrickse.

Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference © Shreyans Iyer
© Shreyans Iyer
In the Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference, participants will be encouraged to respond to experimental processes using their voice. These sessions are open to anybody who is interested in knowing themselves through sound. Absolutely no prior experience required. There will be four sessions each in Delhi and Kolkata. In these sessions, participants will be led through minimally facilitated processes inspired by concepts from physics, cognitive science, theatre, visual art, philosophy etc. The outcome of these processes, will be ephemeral sonic tapestries, which will be a function of those specific individuals at that specific time and space. Since the tapestries are generated from highly subjective sonic responses, the participants will be invited to listen, reflect and share what they experienced and created, in relation to the process. This dialogue is intended to promote a deeper understanding of each other, by providing a window to our ways of relating to the world.