Five Million Incidents | Choir & Conference Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference

Open Call: Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference © Shreyans Iyer © Shreyans Iyer

Saturday, 24 August 2019, 12:00-16:30

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi

By Shreyans Iyer

The Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference is a participatory performance art project, with emphasis on sound and movement. The project is open to anyone who is curious to discover more about themselves through sound. Participants will be facilitated through a series of artistic experiments, with instructions to perform simple tasks. The instructions solely deal with what to do next, how to do the task is mostly open to interpretation by the individual participants. The tasks and experiments are designed to generate individualized responses through sound and movement. These responses will populate an ephemeral sonic tapestry in the space, which will serve as a relational representation of the group.
On completion of the tasks, participants will be invited to unpack and reflect on what they experienced, and share with the group. Please note that this is a space for listening, where each individual is asked to respect the individual who is sharing by receiving what they have to offer without any interruptions or judgement.
Registrations for the Science-Art-Life Choir & Conference are now open.
To register, please send an email expressing your interest to: