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Anish Abraham Cherian
Five Million Incidents

Coming Out Party For The Androgynous Tree

About the Actant

Anish Cherian © Anish Cherian © Anish Cherian Anish is a visual and performance artist based in Goa. He uses elements from architecture and modes of production to discuss systems of influence. Through these, he explores the visible and invisible performances of repetitive labor. His works can almost always be traced back to an archive, either personal or public. Yet, it is not the verifiability of the archive that he pursues. Going beyond archival abstractions his practice attempts to revitalize unrecordable memories and affects that are excluded from the archive and by extension the “official” narrative of our reality. He is a recipient of the Legislative Assistant for Member of Parliament Fellowship and resident at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture.

Beneath the tree there is more hope for a breeze © Anish Cherian © Anish Cherian Beneath the tree there is more hope of a breeze, beneath the tree there is hope for our transformation, any form of transformation.

For the event, a tree at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan is invoked to become a site of transformation. A selection of texts on the post-human predicament will be broadcast on radio. These texts inquire what the unit of common reference is for humans to non-human inhabitants of this planet. The gathering of people under the tree at the Institut will witness it becoming something outside our empirical knowledge of a tree. The tree will be transformed into a functioning antenna for radio reception and will invite visitors under its shade to introspect on their desire for personal transformation. Apart from being aired‚ through 'the tree, the broadcast can also be tuned in to from various locations and will create‚ incidents' for people to gather and imagine a site of transformation.