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Hemavathy Guha
Five Million Incidents

Traffic as a Metaphor

About the Actant

Hemavathy Guha © Hemavathy Guha © Hemavathy Guha Hemavathy Guha received her fine art education from the College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai, India. Thereafter she joined the community artist’s studio at Garhi Artists Village, New Delhi and worked in the printmaking and painting studios for two decades. She has held 18 one women exhibitions and also participated in several prestigious national and International exhibitions. She is the recipient of Vadhera Art Gallery's first Young Artist Award. Currently she is engaged in working in community art projects.

Tracing the Trajectory of Traffic Police © Hemavathy Guha © Hemavathy Guha Hemavathy's project attempts to trace the trajectory of traffic policemen who have to stand in the middle of a road and direct ceaseless and reckless traffic. We pay them a cursory glance and tolerate them, yet at times, without these people, there would be mayhem on the roads. 

How does it  feel to be in the middle of the road for hours together in hot and humid or cold, chilly weather? What facilities are provided to them considering that they are exposed to constant air pollution?

These are some of the questions that arise and hemavathy hopes to find answers to them through her and others interactions with them.