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Navkiran Natt
Five Million Incidents

Train No: 54703 - A podcast series

About the Actant

Navkiran Natt © Navkiran Natt © Navkiran Natt Navkiran Natt is a student-youth activist and an aspiring documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi, India. Trained in dentistry, she made a career switch to study films and work as an independent journalist, writing in Punjabi. She finds photography as a key medium of expression and has keen interest in gender issues in India, specifically in Punjab, youth and contemporary Indian politics, and Punjabi cinema and popular culture. 

Train No. 4703 © Navkiran Natt © Navkiran Natt This project is a series of podcasts, covering the lives and stories of people of the infamous Cancer belt of Punjab. The region of Malwa in Punjab leads the tables on highest number of cancer patients per 100,000 population in a region. The podcasts will bring voices from people on board the train No. 54703, leaving Bhatinda for Bikaner, where people go for cancer related treatments. The podcast series will follow how the train came to be known as the “Cancer Express”.