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Train No. 54703 - A Podcast Series © Navkiran Natt © Navkiran Natt

Thursday, 5 - Friday, 13 November 2020

Online Kolkata

By Navkiran Natt

Train No: 54703 is a podcast series in Punjabi hosted by Navkiran Natt. As she takes us through this eight-part series, she invites our attention to the long-going cancer crisis of the Malwa region of Punjab to talk about the overall health crisis and medical infrastructure of the state. She hosts conversations with people who have been spending their lives working on the health and social aspects of the region. Their subjects range from causal aspects of the crisis, medical discussions on the subject, the agrarian distress that is woven into the cancer crisis, political trajectories of the region that has spun meshes of health disparity in the region, and most importantly the gender aspect of the health crisis. 

The Abohar-Jodhpur express, train number 54703 runs with the alias “cancer train”. This podcast series tries to examine the normalisation of an ongoing humanitarian crisis that has multi-layered political consequences in the region, that has been bolted by Covid-19 pandemic, and the recent farmers struggle against the recently passed “Farm Acts”. 

Join Navkiran in her effort to read beyond the writings on the walls of Malwa, Punjab. 

Navkiran Natt is a dental surgeon-turned-film studies scholar and activist from Mansa, Punjab. She is a keen observer of socio-political pulses of the state of Punjab and researches Punjabi popular culture and diasporic expressions of Punjabiyat

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