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Preeti Singh
Five Million Incidents

About the Actant

Preeti Singh © Sarojini Lewis © Sarojini Lewis Preeti Singh is a multimedia artist, working with drawings, video installations, performance, photography etc. She is an MA in Visual Art from Ambedkar University and a BFA in Painting from College of Art. Some of the major exhibitions/performance events she has been a part of include, Sarai Reader 09 at Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon (2012), Body Temperature at GATI, Delhi, (2013) and Illicit Bodies at Goethe-Institut / Max Muller Bhavan Bangalore (2014). She also participated in That State of Arrival at GB Pant Institute of Social Sciences, Allahabad, Hangar for the Passerby at KNMA, Noida and F(X), X= EXERTION, in Cali, Columbia, (2017). She participated in Expression Expedition in Nepal organised by Luna poets, and also participated in PhilosophyUnbound DETEXT programme, at JNU. 

From Home to War Kitchen © Preeti Singh © Preeti Singh From Home to War Kitchen | A Study of Fragility, aims at creating a study of a space that extends domesticated subjectivities concerned with the kitchen – a gendered space – to an imaginative exchange with a setting that functions in completely different environments but shares a common thread of identification. The artist is interested in creating a network of communication among people who function in kitchen spaces in vastly diverse settings. Anchored at the core to everyday personal kitchen experiences, to militarised kitchen experiences and also extending this to visualising the enemy’s kitchen – this has the capacity to touch upon common human emotions connected to this space in real, imaginary and philosophical ways.