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Sultana Zana
Five Million Incidents


About the Actant

Sultana Zana © Sultana Zana © Sultana Zana Low tech, high craft, open source, network-systems enthusiast working with physics, biology and emergence, Sultana is interested mycelial perception, insect perception, tree intelligence and non human world views. Through her research-led art practice using multi-channel sound, video, code, vibration and sometimes non-human collaborators like bees and mantises, she attempts to explore her position as a being in this world. In her forthcoming work, Incident Network, Sultana is attempting to create an emergent network of alternate realities in which we can exist. She has created multi-media installations, experiential performances and videos. Her work has been exhibited at various shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai and Bir, Himachal. Sultana initially trained as an electronics engineer, her interests led her to do masters in Contemporary Art Practice from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (2018). She presently lives and works in Delhi and Bangalore. Sultana is also part of Cynk collective.

The Incident Network © Sultana Zana © Sultana Zana The Incident Network
Instead of going to malls and spending money, people can go to Incidents, earn COINc and also enjoy themselves!

A new kind of network that allows people to experience emergence and see a new kind of world that exists all around us.

By downloading an app, anyone can become part of the Incident Network. Being a part of this network allows the users to earn COINs, a hypothetical currency, by visiting incidents all across the city. Users can also register/frame their own incidents. An 'Incident ' in this context is any physical space with the proliferation of non-human activity or just simply the presence of a predominantly non-human being (even a tree can be an incident). And one can earn COINc by sitting under a tree for a certain time. 

Mediated through the phone to access virtual and physical infrastructures of the city, this project attempts to create a parallel economy that is not based on consumption but on spending time in nature and observing. In this attention economy, we can barter a quantum of attention for a value and reinvent the meaning of ‘value’ in the process. 

The incident network app and COINc wallet will be available to download on Monday, 13 April 2020. 

Before the launch, people interested in the idea can write with questions and suggestions to incident.net2020@gmail.com