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Urvi Vora
Five Million Incidents

About the Actant

Urvi Vora © Aditya Sarin © Aditya Sarin Urvi Vora is a performing artist based in New Delhi. Her practice traverses different modes of performance driven by a particular interest in modern rituals, the performance of politics and performative affect. Following her training in Dance Anthropology, she has created works which have travelled in Europe and now India, notably SKUM Manifesto (2017) and This Is How You Move Them (2018). In her academic as well as performance work, she remains fascinated by what the body can do.

The Naked Lunch © Tara Aliya Kesavan © Tara Aliya Kesavan The Naked Lunch Series is an exploration in intimacy, nudity, and the body. Through a series of lunches conducted by and for a small group of people who willingly decide to find time for each other over the course of four months, this project aims to find new ways of experiencing solidarity, intimacy, and companionship in present day India. By creating an understanding of the complex nature of consent, desire, and the politics of the body, how can we find novel ways to view other bodies and find in them and in ourselves comfort, vulnerability, freedom and intimacy? How can we re-think intimacy―from platonic friendships, to strangers, to bodies that disgust us or enchant us, and bodies we haven’t seen yet? And after all of that, which kind of intimacies can we forge, which do we build upon, and which do we eventually let go of?
  • The Naked Lunch Series 1 © Annette Jacob © Annette Jacob
  • The Naked Lunch Series 2 © Annette Jacob © Annette Jacob
  • The Naked Lunch Series 3 © Annette Jacob © Annette Jacob
  • The Naked Lunch Series 4 © Annette Jacob © Annette Jacob