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Where the Wild Tunes Are© Tobias Schrank


Since the turn of the millennium, thousands of indie pop fans have made an annual pilgrimage to what is perhaps one of the most beautiful festival grounds in Germany.

Located in the beautiful Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, amidst pine trees and small lakes hidden in the forest are the three stages of the festival, which are played alternately. The consistent booking of guitar pop of all kinds and the relative homogeneity of the student audience are the defining elements of Immergut.

But readings and the Kunz art exhibition, a dance evening called Diskoschwof and the Immergutzocken soccer tournament, in which people from the audience compete against organizers, are also permanent parts of the program. The traditional first swim and the stroll around town are further evidence of the casual, sometimes ironic mix of harmless leisure activities and culturally relevant content.
 Immergut’s billings are mainly made up of alternative music from German-speaking countries, but illustrious international guests such as Portugal. The Man, Broken Social Scene, Malajube and Maximo Park have also stopped by. As usual with boutique festivals of this kind, the audience has such confidence in the curatorial skills of the organizers that tickets are purchased far in advance even without knowing exactly who will be performing.


  • Mädchen tanzen © Niklas Wolter
    Always in a good mood at the Immergut.
  • Nights at the Immergut © Niklas Wolter
    Immergut partying.
  • Forest scene © Niklas Wolter
    Relaxing at the Immergut.
  • Camping in the forest © Niklas Wolter
    More than camping: The enchanted forest.
For several years, the Immergutrocken crew has also organized a theatre night on the eve of the festival and, since 2019, in collaboration with the Initiative Musik, a program with bands or artists dealing with a specific topic is presented under the motto 'Music with Attitude'. As part of its supporting program, visitors are invited to participate in panels and discussions on this topic.
© Immergut

Immergut in Numbers

Genre: Indie-Pop
Founded: 2000
Place: Neustrelitz, MecklenburgWestern Pomerania
Capacity: 5.000
Next event: August 26-28, 2021