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German Series in India

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Another compelling medical drama, offered by Netflix (produced by ARD), is Charité. Set during 1888 and the years following at Berlin's Charité hospital, the German miniseries brings to light the triumphs of several famous German physicians and scientists, while revolving around a young woman who must work as an assistant nurse to discharge her debts to one of Berlin’s most elite hospitals.

By Mohit Jindal


The first season unfolds with Ida, who is stricken with appendicitis and stumbles pennilessly into the Charité. The doctors, however, do treat her while using her and her appendix for research. With nothing at hand but a tremendous medical bill, Ida must now serve at the hospital as a nurse to pay off her debts.

With confrontations about social attitudes and positions, misplaced love, and established hierarchical roles, Charité interweaves yet more lines of action in the larger plot of romance and affection.

Die Charité strives to cover every possible thematic aspect of its place and time. Numerous storylines start in parallel in the early episodes, challenging the viewers’ imaginative capabilities and memory.

McGill University, Canada


The curtain of the second season, Charité at War, falls as the lives of a young medical student, Anni Waldhausen, and her brother Otto, who works as a doctor, are unveiled. The focus is on the last years of the war, Nazi rule and the work of, among others, surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch and psychiatrist Max de Crinis at the Charité.

If you’re looking for a blend of both the medical profession and historical period drama, you can’t really go wrong with Charité.

Good news for Charité fans: ARD has already given the green light for a third season. This series is to be set in the GDR socialism of the 1960s.


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