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Series: Future Libraries© raumlaborberlin on behalf of Kulturprojekte Berlin

Future Libraries

Libraries lead us through a flood of analogue and digital information, can be a platform for exchange, space for encounters or social anchors in the city. With our series “Future Libraries” we shed light on challenges, trends and examples of success around the future of the library.




Mridula Koshy © Mridula Koshy Mridula Koshy
is a writer and library movement activist. She is a community organiser at The Community Library Project (TCLP), which advocates for free, publicly owned libraries that are open to all.

Leonard Novy Photo: Otto Kern Leonard Novy
is a journalist and political scientist, co-director of the Institute for Media and Communications Policy – a Cologne-based think tank providing research and advice on media policy, digitalization, journalism and political communication – and co-editor of the multi-author blog CARTA. 

Samira Lazarovic Photo: private Samira Lazarovic
is a freelance journalist and author specializing in culture and literature as well as business and the stock market. She has also been working in project management at n-tv.de for three years.