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Leading Women

Women in top-ranking positions modernise skylines and infrastructures. They run international enterprises and use technology in the service of a fairer world. Our video series shows ten women from different countries and professions. What motivates them? What are their views on hierarchies and teamwork? What makes them leaders and pacemakers of society?

Tomomi Nishimoto © prounenweb

Leading Women
Tomomi Nishimoto

Every breath she takes: When Tomomi Nishimoto performs with her orchestra, hundreds of musicians follow her every little move. This video portrait shows the Japanese conductor in her element and points out the challenges involved in a position that carries so much responsibility.

Sigrid Nikutta © prounenweb

Leading Women
Sigrid Nikutta

As the first woman to serve as CEO of the Berlin Transport Authority, Sigrid Nikutta is shaping the future of urban and, above all, sustainable mobility in the German capital. She talks about the character traits that are decisive for her career.

Angelika Eggert © prounenweb

Leading Women
Angelika Eggert

For Angelika Eggert, head of Pediatrics at Berlin’s Charité hospital, power is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to make a difference. But there’s also a price to pay for that opportunity, as she explains.

Rosa Esteva © prounenweb

Leading Women
Rosa Esteva

Rosa Esteva, a dyslexic single mother with four children, begins to build an original restaurant business in Spain back in the 1980s. Today it comprises over a dozen restaurants.

Mette Lykke © prounenweb

Leading Women
Mette Lykke

Mette Lykke runs a start-up in Copenhagen called Too Good To Go, which resells leftover food via an app. The CEO explains why the private sector is the right place for her and for the fight against food waste.

Liz Diller © prounenweb

Leading Women
Liz Diller

Liz Diller – named by Time magazine one of the world’s most influential people in 2018 – defies the cliché of the architectural profession as a one-“man” show. In this video portrait, she talks about how she defines her relationship to her team and how her architectural firm is helping to shape American cityscapes.

Kira Radinsky © prounenweb

Leading Women
Kira Radinsky

Kira Radinsky’s career in Israel led from her studies at age 15 to the military to Ebay and medical research drawing on Artificial Intelligence. The entrepreneur reveals what her way of working has to do with swans, the Titanic and her conception of time.

Hege Dillner © prounenweb

Leading Women
Hege Dillner

“There is always a small window”, says Hege Dillner, who has not only succeeded in asserting herself around the globe in the man’s world of technology and construction, but is also committed to empowering other women.

Clara Gaymard © prounenweb

Leading Women
Clara Gaymard

Clara Gaymard, a business executive who negotiates with the EU on behalf of the French finance ministry, explains why motherhood offers valuable lessons and why diversity is indispensable.

Ayesha Khanna © prounenweb

Leading Women
Ayesha Khanna

Ayesha Khanna, a graduate of elite universities, has an anti-elitist vision. Based in Singapore, the tech entrepreneur seeks to democratise services on various continents and to give schoolgirls access to IT courses.

Video production: Prounenweb
Editors: Regine Hader, Elisa Jochum, Jörn Müller