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Helen Ispirian | Musical Short Film
Hear Us Sweet Freedom!

The film is about the freedom of art and culture, about the freedom of independent artists who were not allowed to work during the Corona crisis, or were only allowed to work in a very limited way.

About the work

Hear us Sweet Freedom! (12 min.) is a socio-politically relevant anti-genre fairy tale. We are in the future. Art and culture have died out as a result of the Corona crisis. The art believers Creativia and Solidarosa want to convince the influential Financietta to join forces to resurrect art and culture. Will the gods of art be merciful to them? The film is based on musical pieces from three epochs by H.Schütz (Erhöre mich, wenn ich dich rufe), G.F. Händel (Komm süße Freiheit! from the oratorio Judas Maccabeus) and F.Schubert (An die Musik).

Producer, director, script, musical arrangement: Helen Ispirian
Director of Photography: Timothy Sedgwick
Choir conducting: Sabine Wüsthoff
Choreographer: Evangelia Papadopoulos
Cast: SOLIDAROSA: Clara Maria Kastenholz
Financietta: Karolina Juodelyte
Creativia: Helen Ispirian