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Nadine Pedde | Comics
Observations at monuments of freedom

Freedom, one might say with Derrida, is an empty signifier. It can be filled with different meanings and is probably only available in á venir. In this context, monuments in public spaces are historically or ideally related to the concept of freedom. In drawing these monuments, observations were made regarding the surroundings and visitors. A reference to the concept of freedom is also established through interaction with them. These observations are processed in three short comics.

Marx-Engels Monument, Berlin

People from all over the world visit the Marx-Engels Monument and make the same gesture of freedom over and over again.  

Statue of Roland, Bremen

The Bremen Roland symbolizes civil liberty. The square where he stands full of fascinated children when a street artist created soap bubbles.

German Unity Square, Hamburg

The Elbphilharmonie is located at the Unity Square in Hamburg. Most people don't realize that there is also a piece of the Berlin Wall in this place. Her fall symbolizes the end of the Cold War.