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From Swati Roy

 Swati Roy
© Sijya Gupta

Dear Pradeep,

Greetings from Swati Aunty at Bookaroo! You must be wondering what is “Bookaroo?” It is a literature festival for children, where one can learn about stories, writing, illustrations and lots of other ideas.
And who shares these ideas? Writers and artists.

Pradeep, you’re receiving this letter today because Anita Aunty told me about you; she said you like stories, and other children are big fans of your enactments of different stories. Would you like to come to Bookaroo? Your sack of stories will only get bigger here!

I know the past few years have not been easy on you. Perhaps you feel that the road ahead is paved with difficulties too. But just like Shah Rukh Khan has said, “The film isn’t over, my friend!” And by
befriending stories, you have chosen the right path.

So just come to Bookaroo, we’ll have lots of fun with stories.

See you soon,
Swati Aunty

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