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LGBT-TeaserPhoto (detail): Reevu Wangdi / Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

Queer Identities

Since the 19th century, queer has come to mean different things at different times and places however, one facet straddles this complex story: it has a history of taking a term meant to deride and insult and turn it around to a badge of pride in dissent and difference. India has had its own moments with queerness. For a time, queer seemed to suggest possibilities of sexuality outside the norm at its most powerful – to bring together all the bodies cast outside the norms of one book, one love, one gender, one idea of beauty. To bring together movements that fought such closures together; to make sexuality about more than L or G or B or T or XYZ.

What does it mean to be queer today? Where is queer seen? Who is queer? A brief journey through queer everyday life in India and Germany.