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Jonas Lüscher

Jonas Lüscher Photo: Ekko von Schwichow Jonas Lüscher, born in 1976, grew up in Switzerland, where he completed his training as a primary school teacher. In 2000 he moved to Munich, where he worked in the film industry and graduated in philosophy at the Jesuit University of Philosophy with a Master of Arts degree.

He then taught ethics and philosophy at the State Business School in Munich-Pasing and worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Technology, Theology and Natural Sciences at the LMU Munich. He worked on a doctoral thesis at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and at Stanford University, but did not finish it.
In 2013 his novella Frühling der Barbaren (Barbarian Spring) was published by C.H. Beck. It has been translated into eighteen languages and awarded numerous prizes. In 2017 he published the novel Kraft (Power), for which he was awarded the Swiss Book Prize.
Lüscher writes political essays on immigration, the welfare state, the financial market and Europe for various newspapers.Together with the philosopher Michael Zichy from Salzburg, he initiated the pro-European movement
He is a member of PEN and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts.