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PASCH-Alumni©Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan


Are you a PASCH-School alumni?
Would you like to be a part of the PASCH-Network and gather valuable experiences through our hands-on workshops specially curated for alumni?

PASCH-Alumni Registration

PAA - PASCH-ALUMNI AMBASSADORS are alumni with professional experience, good knowledge of German, sound knowledge of the PASCH initiative and the desire to get involved in PASCH work in a motivated way.

PYA - PASCH YOUNG ALUMNI are recent graduates of PASCH schools, with first internship experiences/experiences in social engagement and knowledge of German.

PASCH-Alumni Activities

What has happened so far and what is in the pipeline?

  • Identification, networking of PASCH ALUMNI AMBASSADORS (PAA)
  • Further training of PAAs in project management
  • PAA support projects of the Goethe-Institut and are supported
  • PAA participate in the expansion of the network and the identification of the PASCH YOUNG ALUMNI (PYA)
  • PYA get to know the PASCH-Project, get involved in the PASCH work and benefit from the offers of the Goethe-Institut
  • PYAs gain valuable experience in PASCH work on a part-time basis and become PAAs themselves
  • Other PYA stay in contact with the network and take part in events on a selective basis

We have identified many alumni who are already in professional life and have very good German language skills.

Veronika Taranzinskaja, Project Head, PASCH Südasien

PASCH-Alumni Meets

Win-win Situation

How does PASCH benefit from the alumni and how do the alumni benefit from PASCH?

  • gain valuable experience in project management, education, German as a foreign language, public speaking, moderation, etc.
  • receive scholarships to further develop their German language skills. 
  • work closely with the PASCH team, gain insight into the workings of the Goethe-Institut, gain professional experience
  • come into contact with companies and other important representatives of the economy at events
  • benefit from the PASCH network and with all its partners (PAD, DAAD, ZfA)
  • take part in the PASCH mentoring programme as mentees and receive important support before and during their studies in Germany.
  • support younger PASCH students in various PASCH programmes.
  • develop new concepts and ideas to promote PASCH work.
  • pass on their valuable knowledge regarding studies, foreign language learning and career choice.


Kritika Verma © Kritika Verma

PASCH-Ambassador since 2019
Kritika Verma

Souvik Roy © Souvik Roy

PASCH-Ambassador since 2019
Souvik Roy