Ten Reasons to Learn German

I have been learning German for 2 years at Goethe-Institut Kolkata. When I close my eyes, I can still clearly visualize the memories of these two years.
The teachers teach in such a way, that I can relate myself to the teaching. They make the language so lively, that I am automatically drawn to the class. I am not a book-worm, was never, but the way of teaching at Goethe-Institut has compelled me to learn the language. Even after the class the words and the expressions ring in my ears. Earlier studies did not touch me the way, it has done now. I believe that people should internalize the study if they really want to learn. The passion for learning will lead a person to success. Goethe-Institut helps me not to lose my aim.
I have always believed in miracles of God and the year 2014 gifted me a miracle- a premier scholarship from Goethe - Institute, Kolkata for a 4 week intensive course in Goethe - Institute, Bonn, Germany. German- the language had always been a passion for me and Germany- a dream. But the dream would come true so soon was beyond my imagination.

I reached Bonn on 6th January and a "Mercedes" taxi drove me to the Goethe Institute. There were so many scholarship students from different parts of the world, from different cultures, having different mother tongues but we could all apprehend only one common language- German. After a short interview by the director of Goethe-Institut I was directly promoted to C1.2. After each student was designated his/her course level and a pocket money of 500 Euros were handed out another "Mercedes" taxi drove me to a huge house in Ippendorfer Allee where I'd stay for a month. The Götner family welcomed me with a huge smile on their faces and notes of appreciation when they found that I could converse with them fluently in their mother tongue. They offered me the best room of their house and throughout my stay did every possible thing to ensure that I never missed my family in India.
My classes commenced from 7th January. My teacher Udo Steves was absolutely wonderful and helpful. He never taught from any book but his classes were so interactive that we often lost track of time only to be sad when his 4 hour classes got over. He guided and encouraged me throughout the course and I passed my exam with 82.50%.
The institute also arranged for cultural and recreational programmes like guided city walks in Bonn and city tours in Köln and Koblenz, get-togethers in different cafes (Cafe Spitz, Arco and Nyx) and museums (König, Bundeskunsthalle and Beethovenhaus), movies and board games. I also ate a lot of typical German food and ice skated in "Bonn on Ice". I visited the historical Aachen and the beautiful fairyland Drachenburg with my friends and had lots of fun.
My 1 month stay in Germany taught me a lot of things. Freedom in discipline had never had a greater meaning. I now have friends in almost every part of the world. For a month I had conversed only in German. One day as I stood on the Kennedy Bridge over the river Rhine, chilled in -3 degrees, I smiled and thanked God for giving me the chance of living my dream. I have come back deeply motivated, strong willed, more focused and independent, leaving a part of my soul in the land of my dreams hoping to go back there once again to take it back.
I sincerely thank Goethe-Institut, Kolkata and all my teachers here who always believed in me. Because of them I lived the best days of my life.
06.01.2014. I will never forget the day as long as I live. On that day, I reached Germany, my dreamland, my land of Fairytales and Legends.
I was awarded a Premier Scholarship from Goethe –Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata and because of this scholarship I had the chance to go to Goethe –Institut, Bonn and attend the C1 Course.
For the first time, I met, learned and celebrated with people from all around the world.
I had a wonderful and comfortable Apartment. The host family was also very helpful.
My teachers at Goethe - Institut, Bonn were exactly like my teachers here at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata. They have taught us carefully and patiently, even when we have not understood easy things. They have also helped us with our exam Preparations.
I had appeared for my C1 exam in Bonn.
The people in Germany were also very helpful. They too, have taught me many new things, about customs and rules.
It is because of this scholarship that I had the chance to know Germany more closely learn and experience so much about the Culture and the Language.
It was a dream come true for me.
I am grateful that Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata and Goethe- Institut Bonn gave me the chance to fulfill my dream.
Thank you very much to all, who have helped me to live my dream.