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Binge Fever!

Let's explore the German film world.

Streaming is not just a new way to watch, it’s a new genre.

James Poniewozik / NY Times

No one would have thought this 10 years ago. But TV "Made in Germany" is currently enjoying great popularity outside Germany as well. International streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix are getting more and more attention for the German series and films in their lineup. Intelligent and original scripts, varied motifs, talented casts and opulent productions appeal to a large global audience.

Our offer for German teachers

However, German films and series are not only a pastime with an entertainment purpose, but are also wonderfully suited for teaching the German language as well as authentic perspectives on the country.  

Together with cinema lovers and binge-watchers in the region, we want to explore Germany's film and series landscape. Therefore, each month we suggest a film or series that you can easily stream from home. At the end of the month, we then offer an online event on the film or series. Together with you, we want to discuss the relevant topics, talk about newfound perspectives on Germany, and also explore possible approaches for didacticization in the classroom. 

Follow us into the exciting world of German series and films. 

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