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Jugendcamp© Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Goethe - Youth Camp

4.06 - 7.06.2022 | Naukuchiatal

In harmony with nature

Back to Nature. This is the mission for our upcoming youth camp in June. From 04.06 to 07.06.2022, we invite students from our partner schools who have shown outstanding performance in the FIT examinations or the National German Olympiad to a youth camp in Naukuchiatal. In particular, we are looking forward to the personal exchange of the young people, which unfortunately could not take place in recent years. 


During the camp we will put the smartphone aside and explore nature together. In addition to interactive and creative workshops on the elements of nature, we will also go hiking together, go on a treasure hunt and paddle a boat across the lake. In addition, we will organize informative sessions about Germany. What is typically German? What do you have to consider when traveling to Germany? And how can Germany become my future?


Together we will play, do handicrafts, dance, sing and have a lot of fun. Of course, the German language will not be neglected. The entire programme will be conducted in German. 

We are looking forward to an interesting and eventful youth camp. 

For questions and feedback please contact jagriti.budhiraja@goethe.de