bangaloREsidency films at International Film Festival of Kerala 2019

International Film Festival of Kerala 2019 © IFFK

Fri, 06.12.2019 -
Fri, 13.12.2019

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

bangaloREsidency host Experimenta India presents curated features and shorts by award-winning artist filmmakers from across the world, at the International Film Festival of Kerala, focusing on radical practices of experimental ethnography. The programme features TWO bangaloREsidency films!

Galore © Bernd Lutzeler _ galore by Bernd Lützeler
December 10, 2019
Ger, Ind | 2018 | 9' | Kannada
9.00 p.m. @ Nila

The streetscapes of contemporary Indian metros are largely dominated by products. The typical local shop can be described as a windowless, rectangular box. Filled with products galore up to the ceiling. The product itself serves as the interior design, Shopping galore, Products galore, and Profits galore.

Beyond The One © Anna Marziano Beyond the One by Anna Marziano
December 12, 2019
Fr, It, Ger | 2017 | 53' | It, Fr, Ger, Kan, Eng sub. Eng, Fr, It
3.30 p.m. @ Nila

Through a selection of excerpts from music, film and literature, the film opens a conversation that crosses the labyrinth of domestic violence and pain caused by ideals or circumstances. It deals with different attempts of living together, of nourishing connections towards people who passed away, in a wide reflection on our singular/plural condition.

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