Training Programme Bheetar Bahar

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Mon, 16.08.2021 -
Sat, 18.12.2021


For performing artists

Bheetar Bahar is an online training programme for performing artists to learn how to use performance to process current personal realities.

This 4-month part-time online course is for practising and experienced performance makers who seek to understand the nature of the responses that have arisen within, from India’s current political climate and the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, and to explore the methodologies that they can use to process and express their disquiet, through their art.

Course begins: August 16, 2021
Course ends: December 18, 2021 

The course is taught by Maitri Gopalakrishna, Shabari Rao, Vivek Madan and Sharon Paz (Germany) as well as guest lecturers from the fields of performance, mental health and expressive arts therapy.

H.R. Shradha Raj
Mohammed Lehry
Priya Vijay
Simrat Kaur 

Selected Participants:
Abhisikta Dasgupta
Ajithlal Sivalal
Anurekha Deb
Chaiti Nath
Chelcy Pathak
Kavya Viswanathan
Manjari K
Murtuza Railwaywala
Nisha Abdulla
Pallavi S
Sangram Mukhopadhyay
Sreelekshmi N
Sukriti Khurana
Varoon P. Anand
Vidhi Mehra
Vidur Sethi